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About Ferment TV
In 2018, Ginkgo Bioworks established our annual, in-person meeting Ferment as a place for our ecosystem of scientists, engineers, investors, partners, consumer brands, and more to engage in open dialogue about the synthetic biology revolution and its impacts on the world. This year, we have decided not to wait until the fall for Ferment No. 3, opting instead to hold virtual gatherings in real-time as we repurpose our labs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This outbreak has made plain the systemic relationships between science, technology, society and the environment. Now more than ever, as we re-imagine what futures lie ahead in a post-COVID-19 world, we think that it is vital to broaden our understanding of how science and innovation interact with the ways we wish to live, take care of one another, and become better stewards of this planet. No longer limited by venue size and travel, launching Ferment TV allows us to create an exciting and inclusive space to explore and share these emerging possibilities with our community and beyond.

Working with London-based futures agency Faber Futures, we will experiment with different creative formats to produce live broadcasts on far-ranging topics including synthetic biology futures, regenerative design, public health and equitable innovation. From one on one interviews to expert roundtables, these timely conversations will be moderated by Christina Agapakis (Ginkgo Bioworks Creative Director) and Natsai Audrey Chieza (Faber Futures CEO). We will make content from the live broadcasts available to listen to at your leisure on Youtube and Instagram.

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